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In Singapore where majority of the population stays or works in compact buildings, it is common for fires to start and spread rapidly within a unit and to neighbouring units. A fire-rated door is being used as a passive fire protection as it curbs the spread of the fire from one room to another. Fire-rated doors are made of fire-resistant materials such as glass, solid timber and metal. Installing a fire-rated door can effectively prolong the time it takes for a fire to spread and potentially save lives. Li Door supplies a full range of fire-rated doors in Singapore, they are used in HDB homes to commercial buildings.

Types of Fire Rated Doors

There are generally 2 types of fire-rated doors: wooden and metal. Wooden fire-rated doors usually have 30 mins or 1 hour resistance. The types of metal fire-rated doors range from 1 hour to 4 hours.

Certified Fire Rated Doors

As manufacturing fire-rated door is a regulated process. Every fire-rated door needs to be certified. Li Door is local manufacturer of fire-rated doors and we follow a strict process to produce and certifying fire-rated doors.

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